DC Comics put out a lot of horror/mystery comics in the 1970s. Like, A LOT. So many that they often found themselves repeating the same themes both within the comics and on the covers. In a way I guess they were tapping into the collective unconscious of a generation by proving through repetition what sort of thing really scared people in those oil-crisis times. Because really, is there any theme more universal than skeletons driving some sort of transportation device?

Sheesh buddy, if you'd bothered reading the signage when you got on, you'd have seen that this is the special "NON-STOP JOURNEY INTO FEAR" express. No getting off for you until you've gone to fear! That'll teach you to read bus schedules more carefully.

Oh, look, the skeleton from NON-STOP JOURNEY INTO FEAR bus moonlights as a summer camp bus driver. Maybe it's part of his community service?
I also like how he figures if he turns his face away the kid won't notice he's a skeleton. What gets me about this is that the kid's obviously figured it out but won't say anything, and the parents are blind or something.

I'm willing to bet the guy in the black turtleneck is shouting I'M SICK OF THESE MOTHERFUCKIN SKELETONS ON THESE MOTHERFUCKIN BOATS. Well, not really.

I'M SICK OF THESE MOTHERFUCKIN SKELETONS ON THESE MOTHERFUCKIN... ICE RINKS. Okay, not a transportation device but this is a really funny cover.

How typical of the bourgeois middle class, to try to avoid eye contact and pretend like they don't see a poor hitch-hiking skeleton down on his luck. What if that were your daughter needing a ride on a lonely country road, Mr. and Mrs. Middle America??

Oh, look, there's their daughter now! See, skeletons are just such helpful creatures. They're not afraid to help out a stranger in need... OF SCARING!!!!

I AM SO SICK OF THESE MOTHERFUCKIN SKELETONS ON MOTHERFUCKIN... HAUNTED... houses... on top of a sedan... being driven like... a horse and... buggy.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: WHAT THE FUCK, DC COMICS?