So everybody knows Dr. Strange, right? Moustache, cloak, Eye Of Agamotto, Ditko art, stoner hippies grooving on Dormammu, all that good stuff? This guy?

No. This isn't the guy we're talking about. Not this guy at all. Totally different.
Oh, you mean THIS guy?

No, not this beefy Hitler-smashing guy, as thrilling and Schomburg-illustrated as he may be. No, we're talking about the Iron Man villian, the one, the only, the original Doctor Strange!!

That's right! Just three issues in and already Iron Man has to face - get this - the most EVIL VILLAIN IN HISTORY! Stalin, Hitler, Buddy Rich - all PIKERS compared to Doctor Strange!

As we can plainly see, his villiany knows no bounds. Except those of jail. However, obviously, he has a plan to escape, or this comic would be pretty dull.

By using electricity in heretofore unknown and possibly completely bogus ways, Doctor Strange has hypnotized Iron Man into helping him escape to menace the world! But why? Of course. Marrying off his daughter, that's why.

That's the great part about being a super hero, you can commit felonies and the cops believe whatever crazy story you whip up about being hypnotized or whatever. Okay, admittedly, there's not a lot they COULD do, but still. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange's daughter Carla - Carla Strange, I guess - is less than impressed by the stag line of bald science nerds and hairy fat dictators. Also she's probably really embarrassed by the getup her dad is sporting. Wrong Dr. Strange, pop!

So that's your plan. If the world doesn't surrender, you'll blow it up. The world. Which you happen to be living on right now. If I was the world, I would TOTALLY call that bluff.

Luckily, Iron Man's body is "attuned to electricity." Whatever!! I like how Carla gets all huffy ("If you MUST know-") when asked to explain why she's peeved at her dad's threat to wipe out mankind. Anything to cram more dialog into this story!

Here's where we learn that Iron Man can be powered by two "D" cell batteries. Suddenly the mighty power of Iron Man doesn't seem quite so mighty, does it?

Oh, why couldn't Doctor Strange use his tremendous intellect for the good of mankind, like Iron Man does. Hey, exactly how DOES Tony "Iron Man" Stark use his genius to help the world?

Now I remember. Making weapons. Enormously destructive weapons. Thank you, Tony Stark. As for Doctor Strange, in spite of being The Most Evil Villain The World Has Ever Known, he crept furtively back into the darkness from whence he came, never to show his face or his purple robe again. Carla, however, married an accountant and settled in Great Neck, Long Island.